Attention, Berkshire residents and to those in our neighboring areas in eastern New York and north western Connecticut. Here is something to talk about. I am being up front regarding this subject: I have NEVER been a fan of hot dogs (the only exception is when I'm at Coney Island, I'll have one at Nathan's, but it's a far cry of when they cost less than a dollar. I can't believe the same menu item in this "so-called 21st century" costs you almost $5 these days, far cry from a quarter to a dollar in the good ol' days, take me back, please!)

Granted, a quick lunch featuring this processed variety of meat was a staple in my days while in college as I am guilty as charged that I consumed a hot dog that was served up by the local New York City merchant who made their living selling them from the ol' push cart in Manhattan (personally, I'll take the fresh, hot pretzel as an alternative) but at least my support for local business was viable, despite the fare.

Barbecue Grilled Hot Dog with Yellow Mustard

Which leads me as to why I am writing about hot dogs in the first place. Which topping suits your fancy? Mustard OR ketchup. Give me a hot dog piled with "traditional" yellow mustard and maybe some relish and a small quantity of onion and that sounds satisfying to me when the situation warrants. But I can't figure out why ketchup is an apropos choice for some as my feeling is the tomato based topping is perfect with a hamburger, NOT a hot dog. I respect your choice, but French's gets the edge over Heinz on this one.

hot dog
Ramon Grosso dolarea

What are your thoughts on this? Leave your comments on one of our Facebook pages as inquiring minds like myself would like to know the answer to this hot button topic. In the meantime, I'm getting hungry, but I'll settle for something else besides a hot dog.


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