If you are wondering whatever became of Barbara Feldon (she was best known as Agent # 99 on the NBC-CBS series "Get Smart") the iconic actress continues to remain active as she just penned her second book which features a personal look at her life from her days of growing up just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The book covers a modeling career that has taken her around the world, a one-time marriage that truly had its twists and turns and we even get a sneak peek on a day at the set of everyone's favorite small screen spy series that gained enormous popularity in the mid to late 60s and is STILL shown in syndication to this day (check your cable listings for time and channel).

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("Getting Smarter: A Memoir" book cover image courtesy of Amazon.com)

"Getting Smarter: A Memoir" is a true page-turner that I found entertaining and informative in nature as I got to know Barbara in a more unique way after reading the book which also includes a memorable section of photos from Barbara's personal collection. We have since re-connected after four years when we met at the late, GREAT Larry Storch's 95th birthday celebration in Manhattan. Order your copy by going here.

I recently conducted an on-air interview with Barbara. You can listen to that chat below.

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("Living Alone & Loving It" book cover courtesy of Amazon.com)

Another worthwhile read is Barbara's first literary effort "Living Alone And Loving It" which was written years before the COVID-19 pandemic set foot worldwide as she offers an assortment of valuable advice for those who are in a "solitary" lifestyle as her own experiences have been transcribed on paper with tips on how you can strengthen your own situation in this complicated world we are living in. The moral of this story: You STILL matter in more ways than one.

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D. Adams & B. Feldon In 'Get Smart'
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Here is a candid shot of "CONTROL's Dynamic Duo" as Barbara is alongside the iconic Don Adams (aka Maxwell Smart). We invite you to check out Barbara's website as you will be able to purchase both of these fantastic books along with checking out all things Barbara. It is a TRUE honor, blessing and a badge of honor to be connected with her one-on-one as my favorite TV spy has been an instrumental part of my life since 1965 and I can proudly call her "my friend" in life. Again, "Thank You Barbara". You are simply "THE BEST!"

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