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In the realm of broadcasting, there is one common denominator and that is when you discover fellow peers in this business were born and raised in the same home town. In this case, you have lots to discuss comparing notes on various communities that encompass the 5 boroughs of New York City. Veteran CBS 6 reporter Ken Screven was from Hollis, Queens and yours truly called Astoria home base as we looked back at our time spent in The Big Apple. Little did I know that we would share stories upon my arrival to the capital region during my days at K-LITE 101 as our station was also associated with WRGB in some shape and form.

The first time I watched channel 6 news, there was a story Ken covered as his journalistic savvy excelled in more ways than one. That baritone voice was his most identifiable trademark as Berkshire TV viewers were also enamored by his unique style of presenting a story in the most professional manner possible. Eventually, Ken and I would meet during our tours of duty while working in the Albany area and we would reminisce about those in radio and television who were an integral part of our lives.

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If you tuned in to Ken, he took command of the airwaves with his compelling, investigative stories as they were a prime example of appointment television as he also contributed about 35 years of his life in bringing his viewers accurate information on every news story he presented. The TV airwaves truly suffered a void upon his retirement back in 2011. I was surprised that Ken would end his career in front of a camera where he was at his element and all his viewers knew that first hand.it was a TRUE accomplishment to be with one TV station for your entire broadcasting career. Ken was a trail blazer in this business and my admiration for him will continue to this day.

Thanks to Facebook, we were able to reconnect a few years ago as Ken and I would continue reminiscing about the hey day of New York radio and TV and our private messages also provided a little bit of everything which always made for a stimulating conversation. Recently, Ken suffered a series of health setbacks as we were hoping one day to sit outside his stoop at his Albany residence to talk shop, but unfortunately this became a missed opportunity as we all found out about his unexpected passing on Wednesday afternoon. He was months shy of celebrating his 72nd birthday.

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CBS 6 anchor Liz Bishop presented a wonderful montage of Ken's accomplishments  during his tenure at WRGB. She arrived at Balltown Road four years after Ken came in, but you can imagine the stories she has regarding a legend in broadcasting. Log on to their web site and access the clip as you will look back at excellence that cannot be compared. Ken Screven's presence will ALWAYS be amongst us throughout our local viewing area here in The Berkshires and in upstate New York. His memory remains eternal and everlasting.

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