Remember the days before streaming apps when you would actually have to go to a rental store to select the movies you wanted to watch? If you wanted to own the movies you would go to either a department store retailer or an electronics retailer and purchase your movies which you could keep for life. The Netflix mail service came along followed by the explosion of streaming apps and owning or renting DVDs has pretty much fallen out of popularity.

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A Popular Retailer That Has Several Locations in Massachusetts Will Stop Selling DVDs and Blue-Ray Discs Soon

As you probably already know, Netflix has recently done away with its DVD-by-mail service as a majority of people who watch content on Netflix watch their favorite shows and movies on the Netflix streaming app and various other streaming apps. Another company is following suit and will be eliminating the sale of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs altogether. Best Buy (which has locations throughout Massachusetts including Holyoke, Millbury, Leominster, Marlborough, Framingham, Dorchester, Burlington, Watertown, Mansfield, North Attleborough, Everett, Saugus, Braintree, Danvers, Dedham, Seekonk, North Dartmouth, Plymouth and Hyannis) recently announced that the company will be doing away with the sales of DVDs and Blue-Ray discs in early 2024 and this also includes online.

It's not a surprise that the retailer is making this move as more and more people watch their content online and Best Buy's focus is on tech and what is in demand. As a matter of fact, Best Buy did away with CD sales a few years ago (though you can still buy them on the retailer's website) so again, this really isn't much of a surprise.

Massachusetts Best Buy Consumers Can Still Purchase DVDs and Blue-Ray Discs in Time for The Holidays

If you are someone who still regularly purchases movies on physical mediums from Best Buy it's time to stock up now and start looking to other retailers that sell DVDs and Blue-Ray discs because the 2023 holiday season is your last opportunity to purchase movies and shows on physical format before Best Buy clears them off their shelves and online store.

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