The big game is less than three weeks away it's time for Massachusetts residents to get their party prepped. Regardless of who ends up playing or who you're rooting for, one thing remains the same, at every big game party, the food must be on point. And what's the football classic go-to? Buffalo Wings of course.

Americans go buck wild for wings this time of year and according to Mashed, the country will consume 1.38 BILLION wings during the Super Bowl alone.

As most folks know, the popular game time appetizer has nothing to do with Buffalo the animal but actually takes its name from the city of Buffalo where they were invented. Buffalo itself refers to the hot sauce the wings are traditionally tossed in, although now there are so many varieties of sauces to pick from.

Traditionally a true buffalo wing is bone-in, unbreaded, fried, and smothered in buffalo sauce, but today's variations see a myriad of sauces and dry rubs, can be smoked, baked, or even wood-fired, and are topped with everything from sesame seeds to green onions and even parmesan cheese. Everyone has their favorite.

Although they were developed in New York, buffalo wings have become a staple in Massachusetts and the rest of New England. Like every fan has their favorite team, every wing lover has their favorite wing spot and there's plenty to choose from here in Massachusetts.

There are millions of choices of wing styles and almost as many wing spots to choose from, but one Massachusetts eatery's wings have been named some of the best in the country.

Recently Mashed compiled a list of the best wings in the United States by "weighing reviews, tracking down awards, talking to locals, and reading countless articles". Check out Massachusetts' representation on the list of the best buffalo wings in the country.

Buff's Pub in Newton, Massachusetts Named Best Hot Wings in U.S.

Buff's Pub in Newton, Massachusetts, a city of 88,000 about 25 minutes east of Boston, has been known for its wings since it opened its doors in 1976. In addition to their taste wings, this self-proclaimed "old-school style pub" is the perfect place to watch the game.


The sports bar offers bone-in or tenders and ten sauce choices including Buffalo, Teriyaki Spicy, BBQ Honey, BBQ, Hot Honey, Hot Nashville, Parmesan Garlic Pepper Lemon, Sriracha Cheese Garlic, Maple Hot, and Bourbon Peach BBQ, there is something for everyone.

Mashed selected the Hot Nashville sauce as the fan favorite, but they all sound delicious.

Here's what Mashed had to say:

"The number one spot for the finest wings in Massachusetts is held by the Nashville Hot Wings from Buff's Pub in the city of Newton. Like other Nashville hot chicken you may have tried, these wings have a complex spice profile with the optimal amount of sweetness mixed in to keep you in a cheery mood. In other words, they are hot, but they aren't so hot that you'll need a tall glass of milk next to you." 

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