There is a lot to love about living in Massachusetts. From its iconic Cape Cod beaches to the bustling Boston metro area to the peaceful hills of the Berkshires, there is something for everyone in Massachusetts.

Whether you were born and raised in Massachusetts, or are a transplant to the best state in New England, you know all it has to offer.

Massachusetts boasts a strong economy, affordable living, excellent public schools, and an overall high quality of life. The state has been highlighted as one of the best states to live in the U.S. several times, but publications like U.S. News and World Reports, Niche, and CBS News.

A strong economy depends on many factors, but one of the most important factors is a solid job market and one Massachusetts city was named one of the strongest local job markets in the nation.

According to a new study released by WalletHub that looked at the best cities to find a job, Boston, Massachusetts was named one of the strongest local job markets in the country, coming in 10th on the list.

On top of that Forbes recently published a list of America’s Best Large Employers for 2024 and 18 Massachusetts-based companies made the list.

The publication surveyed employees at companies with more than 5,000 workers and, according to Forbes, were asked to rate their employer, and if they would recommend their employer to others.

"Responses were given by current employees, employees who had worked for the company within the past two years, and individuals familiar with the company through friends, family, or peers in their industry."

These 18 Massachusetts Based Companies Were Named Best Employers in the Country by Forbes

14. Fidelity Investments -- 61,000 employees

66. Boston Medical Center -- 5,123 employees

86. Takeda Pharmaceutical -- 49,905 employees

99. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute -- 6,725 employees

122. Schneider Electric -- 135,000 employees

158. Boston Children’s Hospital -- 16,000 employees

165. Sun Life Financial -- 2,700 employees

176. Thermo Fisher Scientific -- 130,000 employees

180. LPL Financial Holdings -- 6,900 employees

246. Boston Scientific -- 19,800 employees

267. Raytheon Technologies -- 127,400 employees

285. Talbots -- 8.700 employees

362. General Electric -- 58,000 employees

378. New Balance -- 8,000 employees

382. Veolia North America -- 220,000 employees

451. Liberty Mutual Insurance -- 50,000 employees

513. Charles River Labs -- 13,482 employees

597. Analog Devices -- 24,450 employees

Counties with the highest unemployment in Massachusetts

Stacker compiled a list of the counties with the highest unemployment in Massachusetts using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Counties are ranked by unemployment rate in December 2023.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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