Massachusetts and ice cream go together like peanut butter and jelly. A few iconic ice cream brands and companies began in Massachusetts including Friendly's which was founded in Springfield back in 1935 and now has several locations throughout the Bay State. The beloved ice cream company is currently headquartered in Wilbraham. In addition, the Hoodsie cup is a popular ice cream treat for Massachusetts residents. The cold snack with the wooden spoon has been around since 1947 and is a product of Charleston-based company Hood which now has its headquarters in Lynnfield.

There's no doubt that Friendly's and Hoodsie are big hits for Massachusetts but we also can't forget about the mom-and-pop ice cream shops that exist throughout our great state. Food Network has a recommendation if you are looking for some great-tasting ice cream.

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Food Network Names the Most Iconic Ice Cream Location in Massachusetts

If you're looking for Food Network's pick when it comes to great-tasting iconic ice cream in Massachusetts, look no further than Somerset Creamery. There are three locations you can check out during non-winter months including Route 6 and County Street in Somerset as well as Route 28A in Cataumet. Here's what Food Network had to say about the Massachusetts-based ice cream shop.

Owned by one family since 1937, Somerset Creamery boasts a marvelously creamy, dense mouthfeel — never crystalline — thanks to a high butterfat content, says co-owner Jason Berube. Look for limited-edition special flavors such as cantaloupe, but the most-popular option is the cranberry bog ice cream, according to Berube, which they invented. For this unique flavor, a subtle cranberry base is studded with cranberries, dark chocolate and walnuts...the locals go bananas for it.

When you take your tour of ice cream shops this summer, don't forget to put Somerset Creamery on your list. The iconic Massachusetts ice cream shops will be opening in March 2024.

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