Massachusetts is famous for many things. Its place in American history, its iconic sports teams, and even that terrible accent, which only a small amount of us have by the way. Besides the obvious notable traits, Massachusetts also has quite the culinary scene. From world-class steakhouses in Boston to farm-to-table delicacies in the Berkshires, foodies in Massachusetts have a variety to choose from, however, no Massachusetts cuisine is more renowned than its fresh seafood.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts gives residents and visitors alike a taste of some of the freshest seafood in the world. From fresh halibut to oysters, and clams, the eastern part of the state has an abundance of seafood to pick from, but there is no more iconic seafood dish than the all-mighty lobster roll.

Whether you prefer your roll stuffed with cold mayo lobster salad or you're more of a hot-buttered kind of guy you know the joy a classic lobster roll during a Massachusetts summer can bring. Here's the million-dollar question: who has the best lobster rolls in Massachusetts?

Ten of the Best Lobster Rolls in Massachusetts

We took a look at Trip Advisor recommendations in Massachusetts and compiled a list of the ten best according to reviewers.

Luke's Lobster Back Bay, 75 Exeter St, Boston

Cape Cod Lobster Rolls, 211 Onset Ave, Onset

Roy Moore Lobster Co, 39 Bearskin Nck, Rockport, Cape Ann

Lobster Pot, 321 Commercial St, Provincetown

Yankee Lobster, 300 Northern Ave, Boston 

Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar, 3580 Route 6 Eastham, Cape Cod 

James Hook & Co, 440 Atlantic Ave, Boston

Sesuit Harbor Cafe, 357 Sesuit Neck Rd, Dennis, Cape Cod

The Canteen, 225 Commercial St, Provincetown 

Lookout Tavern, 8 Seaview Ave, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard


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