Massachusetts is filled with so many fantastic eateries that it's hard to pick a favorite. From delicious farm-to-table restaurants in the Berkshire hills to some of the best Italian food outside of Italy in Boston's North End, Massachusetts is chock-full of culinary greatness.

When you think of the culinary scene in Massachusetts, or anywhere in New England, seafood is one of the first things that comes to mind. You're not wrong. As of August 2023, there were over 740 seafood restaurants in Massachusetts. That's more than double the number of cities and towns in the state.

While fresh seafood remains a popular Massachusetts cuisine, I don't know a single red-blooded American who doesn't love pizza! A simple, yet cherished indulgence, pizza is unique to different regions around the country and even the world. From thin crust to Sicilian style, pan pizza to wood-fired pies, traditional toppings, or outrageous add-ons everyone has their favorite. This begs the question, which pizza place reigns supreme?

Six Massachusetts Pizza Places Make List of the Best in the U.S.

Yelp recently published its list of the Top 100 Pizza Spots according to Yelp Elites 2024 which is a ranking that stems from the “most passionate and trusted reviewers and influencers.”

Check where the six Massachusetts eateries named the best pizza in the country landed on the list.

33. Russell House Tavern: Cambridge, Massachusetts

42. The Salty Pig: Boston, Massachusetts

51. La Famiglia Giorgio’s: Boston, Massachusetts

64. Santarpio’s Pizza: Boston, Massachusetts

81. Antico Forno: Boston, Massachusetts

82. Picco Pizza & Ice Cream: Boston, Massachusetts

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