Massachusetts has much to offer to people of all ages and from all walks of life. According to Movoto if you are a parent of a teen and are looking for the best place in Massachusetts to raise your child then look no further than Hyannis.

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On the other end of the spectrum, if you are looking for the best place in Massachusetts to live strictly on social security then Chicopee is your top choice according to GoBanking Rates.

A Massachusetts City Has Been Named One of the Best 25 Places to Retire in America

Forbes named the 25 best places to retire in America and Pittsfield landed on the magazine's list. Forbes didn't rank the 25 places but for a smaller Massachusetts city to be included is pretty impressive. It's worth mentioning that Forbes did include the pros and cons of living in each area and one of the cons of living in Pittsfield is the city's serious crime rate. Here's Forbes' review of Pittsfield being a top retirement option.

Pros: Median home price $283,000, 28% below national median. High ratio of primary care physicians per capita. Good air quality. Somewhat walkable and bikeable. Long acclaimed for a big culture scene, mainly during summer.


Cons: Serious crime rate above national average. State taxes estates above $2 million (raised this year from $1 million). State income tax is 5% for most couples, with Social Security excluded, but there is a new millionaire’s surtax of 4% that includes capital gains from sale of house.


As a Pittsfield resident of 13 years, I can honestly say that I never once had an issue with crime or felt like I was in a dangerous situation. Yes while there are some dangerous neighborhoods in the city there are also some very safe neighborhoods where the neighbors are very kind and caring. The same holds true for where you choose to shop in Pittsfield. There are some shady shopping areas here but there are plenty of options for safe shopping as well. The same rings true for pretty much any city.

Do Your Homework and Get to Know Pittsfield

If you are seriously thinking about moving or retiring to Pittsfield, it is recommended that you talk to people who live here and get to know the area before making your decision. Between the caring community, beautiful mountains, quiet neighborhoods, excellent health care options, the city's First Fridays at Five downtown events featuring live music, art, food, shopping, and entertainment on five evenings throughout the spring and summer and one of the best 4th of July Parades in the country, you may find yourself loving Pittsfield.

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