One thing I enjoy doing particularly for a special occasion is going out to eat with the family and enjoying a delicious steak. Whether it's eating a steak meal at one of the locally-owned businesses near me or hitting up a steakhouse chain, you can count me in any time there is an opportunity to consume steak.

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If you're a steak lover like me you may be interested in knowing that Tasting Table released a list of "13 Steakhouse Chains in the US Ranked Worst to Best." While you may think such chains as Outback Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, or LongHorn Steakhouse may top the list, none of those are even near the top spot. As a matter of fact, those three steakhouse chains are near the bottom of the list. Instead, the winner is a steakhouse chain that only has four locations in Massachusetts.

The Best Steakhouse Chain in the U.S. Only Has Four Locations in Massachusetts

So the winner according to Tasting Table is The Capital Grille. Here's an excerpt of the review of The Capital Grille courtesy of Tasting Table:

With nearly 75 locations across the United States, The Capital Grille is one of the fancier steakhouses on our list. The menu features various steak cuts, of course, such as filet mignon, bone-in ribeye, and dry-aged New York strip. But there's also the choice of more elegant dishes, such as porcini rubbed bone-in ribeye, gorgonzola-crusted New York strip with a wine reduction sauce, and tenderloin with lobster tails.


It's worth noting that Tasting Table highly recommends the bone-in ribeye.

Where Can I Find a Capital Grill Location in Massachusetts? 

If you want to experience The Capital Grille hopefully, you live near the Boston metro area as there are only four locations of the steakhouse chain in Massachusetts and they are all in that area including Boston, Burlington, Chestnut Hill, and Dedham. You can make a reservation and find a location by going here.

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