Across Massachusetts, students and teachers are celebrating the end of another school year and families are ready to hit the road for summer vacation.

With temperatures already climbing in Massachusetts, there's no better place to hit on your summer vacation or road trip than a water park and New England has plenty of options.

While families in Massachusetts are gearing up to hit beaches in Cape Cod, Connecticut, or even Hampton Beach, those aren't the only places to keep cool.

If lugging a wagon full of beach paraphernalia across burning hot sands isn't your idea of a fun way to cool off, a water park destination could be for you. Luckily, New England is full of them!

If your idea of a summer vacation includes a wet and wild stop for the whole family to enjoy, check out this list of the top water parks in Massachusetts and beyond.

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Check out these 12 New England (or close by) favorites:

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