Tonight, it begins.  The Red Sox enter the American League Championship Series or ALCS for short.  There’s nothing like listening to the local broadcast team instead of the announcers hired by the major TV networks.  I’m always a little bit less nervous during big games listening to Joe Castiglione, Will Flemming, and Sean McDonough.   If I’m watching the game in my comfy chair, I will turn on my radio and listen to the game on the radio.  Since my cable feed is a little ahead of the radio feed, I simply pause the action on the TV enough to perfectly sync the game up on the radio.  It is so much more enjoyable.  I also do that with the Patriot broadcasts.

Both teams have a big game this weekend.  The Red Sox can be heard on our sister stations WNAW 94.7 in North Adams, WBEC-AM 1420 in Pittsfield, and WSBS in Great Barrington.  The Patriots home in the Berkshires is WNAW 94.7 and WBEC-AM 1420.  Both stations also cover the Bruins and Celtics when there are no conflicts with the Red Sox.

Tonight’s game gets underway at 8:08 with the pre-game show starting at 7:07 pm. Saturday’s Game 2 of the ALCS begins at 4:20 with the pre-game show beginning at 3:20. The Bruins open their season tomorrow night but conflict with the end of the Sox game so it will not be broadcast in the Berkshires.  Sunday the Pats play the Cowboys at Gillette.  WNAW and WBEC-AM will have that game this week beginning with the pregame show at 3:25 with the kickoff at 4:25. Game 3 of the ALCS will be played at Fenway on Monday with the first pitch at 8:07 and a 7:07 start to the pre-game show. Game 4 of the ALCS will be Tuesday night at Fenway.  The time is currently not scheduled.  Keep in mind none of the Berkshire stations can legally stream the games on our Apps or online.

Enjoy the games and make sure you keep your Sox on WNAW, WBEC-AM, and WSBS!


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