One thing I loved about growing up in Berkshire County specifically northern Berkshire County is when it came time to celebrate my birthday or my friends' birthdays. No matter who was having a birthday we at times would end up having a party outside of our houses. Some of the places I remember celebrating and attending birthday parties include Valley Park Lanes in North Adams, Mount Greylock Bowl in North Adams, Burger King in North Adams, The Ground Round at the then Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough, and last but certainly not least Pizza Hut in North Adams.

The old-style Pizza Hut restaurant was fun to have birthday parties and I remember having and attending a few of them at the North Adams location. The restaurant had a dim setting and was roomy. Of course, there is a more modern Pizza Hut location in Pittsfield but that classic-style restaurant was so much fun. It must be nostalgia kicking in.

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One of the promotions that Pizza Hut had that I loved is when it was offering up those black graffiti-type basketballs which were technically called "Streetballs." They were the bomb. My friends and I each had to have one. Do you remember those basketballs? If not, check out the classic commercial from 1993. Oh, the memories.

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Another favorite of mine that Pizza Hut offered was the Big New Yorker pizza. This pizza could serve an army as the slices were just that "BIG." You had to literally fold the slices in order to comfortably eat the pizza. Guess what? After a very long hiatus, this specialty pizza is back by popular demand. According to several internet news sources as well as Pizza Hut itself, the Big New Yorker will make its return to Pizza Hut eateries nationwide (for a limited time) beginning Feb. 1, 2023. Check out the retro commercial for the Big New Yorker below. Bon Appetit.

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