We have another food recall alert for you. This time around it affects all Big Y locations in two states which are Massachusetts and Connecticut. There are three recalls of similar products to cover so get ready to check your cupboards.

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Details on the Food Product That Was Recalled on Sept. 25

The latest recall was issued on Sept. 25. The product in question is the Imagine Chicken Bone Broth (32 oz). The reason for the recall is related to the potential for microbial contamination due to a lack of sterility assurance. Check out the image below.

Details on the Food Products That Were Recalled on Sept. 23

The other Big Y-related recall is from Sept. 23 and the two products are the Food Club Beef Broth (32 oz) and Full Circle Organic Beef Broth (32 oz). These products were added to the recall list for the same reason as the Imagine Chicken Bone Broth which is the potential for microbial contamination due to a lack of sterility assurance. Images below.

According to Big Y's website, you can return the products for a full refund. If you have already discarded the recalled products, as long as you have proof of purchase you can still get a full refund. It's as simple as that.

Of course, Big Y has many locations throughout Massachusetts including Springfield, Westfield, Pittsfield, North Adams, Great Barrington, South Hadley, Chicopee, Southampton, Easthampton, Northampton West Springfield, and Longmeadow just to name a few. You can view all of Big Y's Massachusetts locations by going here.

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