Massachusetts is famous for many things, but the concentration of colleges in the Commonwealth and the rest of New England is unmatched. So it makes sense that some of the nation's best schools are right in Massachusetts.

The cost of higher education is rising, despite student debt continuing to plague adults throughout the country. The average public out-of-state school is $26,820, the average private out-of-state school is $36,880. Public in-state tuition is a little easier on the wallet, averaging $10,440, but most folks are paying much more.

Given the high cost of higher education, students who are footing the bill, or parents who are picking up their child tab, hope to take their education seriously, which can be hardwith the many distractions that college can bring. Of those distractions, partying often tops the list.

Recently Niche, a review and ranking company, took a look at the biggest party schools in Massachusetts, compiling a list of campuses where students rage the most.

To determine the biggest party schools in Massachusetts, Niche looked at data collected from student surveys on party scenes, access to bars and restaurants, campus Greek life, and campus athletic success.

 Top Ten Biggest Party Schools in Massachusetts

10. University of Massachusetts at Lowell

9. Harvard 

8. Worcester Polytechnical Institute 

7. Hult International Business School

6. Springfield College

5. Boston College

4. Berklee College of Music 

3. Boston University 

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

1. University of Massachusetts at Amherst 


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