Massachusetts is a great place to live. Residents and visitors have their choice of city or county life, plenty of restaurants, and of course plenty of shopping.

Massachusetts is home to an abundance of independent retailers from book stores, to sports equipment and gift shops. While small and family-owned businesses are a vital part of the state's economy, big box stores have their place in Massachusetts as well.

In addition to retailers, Massachusetts also has a booming food service economy. From unique and exclusive fine dining experiences to mom-and-pop roast beef shops, fresh seafood, and farm-to-table eateries, there is something for everyone's palette and budget in Massachusetts.

In addition to a multitude of restaurants, Massachusetts is home to many food manufacturers as well, including a major one that just announced the closure of multiple outlets.

Bakery Company That Includes Sara Lee and Thomas' is Closing Numerous Massachusetts Stores

The company which produces baked goods for brands has announced the closure of  28 outlet stores in the Northeast, including Massachusetts.

The company, Bimbo Bakeries USA, said in a press release that its products will still be available to purchase in grocery stores, but the outlets will close permanently.

The company’s brands include Boboli, Lender’s Bagels, Sara Lee, Thomas, Arnold Bread, and Entenmann’s. Its New Hampshire locations were known as Freihofer’s Bakery Outlets

28 stores in total will close in Massachusetts along with New York, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Bimbo Bakeries is the largest baking company in the U.S. according to their social media pages.

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