It's getting closer to Halloween which means youngsters will be out and about in costumes going door to door to collect candy and other treats. Of course, there are all types of containers that the little ones will bring to collect their goodies including buckets of many colors. One color I remember seeing from time to time is blue. I remember seeing a child with a blue Halloween bucket when I was in Westfield for one Halloween. I also saw a couple of children with blue Halloween buckets at my home in Pittsfield over the years and I recently saw a blue Halloween bucket at a restaurant in West Springfield.

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What Does a Blue Halloween Bucket Mean in Massachusetts? 

Not thinking too much about the colors of Halloween buckets, I recently learned that a child carrying a blue bucket on Halloween could mean that the individual has autism and the blue-colored bucket is used to spread autism awareness. In some cases with autism, the child could be nonverbal so rather than waiting for a child to ask "trick-or-treat", if you see the blue bucket in the kid's hand you'll know to give out the candy without the "trick-or-treat" question. So, keep in mind, that a blue bucket could mean the child is nonverbal.

What is the Origin of the Autism Nonverbal Meaning Associated with Blue Halloween Buckets? 

It started with the mother of an autistic child who was in the very situation mentioned above. The child would stand at a few different doorsteps and wait for the candy but because he was nonverbal autistic he couldn't say "trick-or-treat." The homeowners would wait for the "trick-or-treat" question, there would be an awkward silence and the child's mom would have to explain why he couldn't ask "trick-or-treat." You can check out the entire story and more regarding the blue Halloween buckets in the videos below.

This Halloween if you see a child approach your doorstep with a blue Halloween bucket, you'll now know what that bucket signifies and there will be no need for an explanation or awkward moment of silence.

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