As people get older they tend to think back to the good old days of their youth. There's a comfort in being a kid as today's styles, trends and music, etc. could never compete with what was in style when we were growing up. Needless to say, many of us love nostalgia.

As someone who grew up in Massachusetts, particularly the Berkshires I think back to the days when the Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough was the place to be or the fun that kids had at the Dream Machine arcade which was located in the "L" shaped Mall in North Adams. How about the sinking boat known as The Seabee in the Allendale shopping center in Pittsfield? That was just a magnificent site and I was sad to see it exit the stage over 20 years ago. And who could forget about the days of Riverside Park in Agawam just east of Berkshire County? There were so many unique attractions back in the day that we'll probably never see them again, at least in person.

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If you are Boston Resident or a Boston Enthusiast, We Have a Special Treat for You

If you are a resident of Boston or a Boston tourist you may enjoy seeing some of the city's top attractions including Fenway Park, Cheers, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Common and the list of Boston attractions is absolutely endless. If you are someone who has been a resident in Boston for quite a while you may think back to the old days and what the city was like way back when. Below we have included a video of Boston back in the 70s. Take a look for yourself and enjoy a trip down memory lane. A special thanks to ThamesTv for posting the video to YouTube.

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