Every state has its own unique colloquial terms, slang, and phrases. How many times have you heard someone from Massachusetts use the term "wicked." It happens probably more times than we would like to admit. Another term you may hear or use is Cumby's which is short for Cumberland Farms. These are just a couple of terms you'll hear throughout Massachusetts, we have a whole list of them which you can check out by going here and below (let us know what we missed and we'll add them to the list). 

Did You See the Video Featuring Mark Wahlberg Explaining Boston Slang? It's Hilarious.  

Speaking of Massachusetts terms and slang, Boston's own Mark Wahlberg was featured in a video that was put out by Vanity Fair a handful of years ago and the video featured the Beantown-born celebrity explaining slang that is used in Boston.

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Much of the Boston Slang That Wahlberg Covers in The Video is Used Throughout Much of Massachusetts...You've Probably Heard These Terms From Time-to-Time

Not only is the slang used in Boston but if you spend any time in Massachusetts, you'll find the same or very similar slang is used throughout the Bay State. Whether you live in Boston, Cape Cod, Worcester, Berkshire County, Springfield, New Bedford, or anywhere throughout the Bay State, chances are you have probably heard a good chunk of these slang terms. WARNING:  Mark does use some explicit language throughout the video so keep that in mind in case there are any little ones nearby.

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