Massachusetts has much to offer which is why we get a large number of tourists throughout the year, particularly during warmer months. There is so much to do and so much to see. Everyone seems to want to get a piece of the pie when it comes to the culture in Massachusetts.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Massachusetts? 

With so many festivals, art exhibits, outdoor concerts, hiking trails, and Red Sox games it's no surprise that Travellers Worldwide named spring and summer the best time to visit Massachusetts.

You Don't Want to Skip a Massachusetts Visit During Fall

Though spring and summer are popular seasons to visit the Bay State, you can't forget about fall. Massachusetts gets its fair share of leaf-peepers exploring the colorful rich areas of Mount Greylock and neighboring Vermont. It's a robust and unique mix of beautiful colors that you can only experience in the fall and New England is a prime spot for this activity.

When is the Cheapest Time of Year to Visit Massachusetts?  

If you are looking to save money on travel, Travellers Worldwide suggests visiting Massachusetts in November.

If there’s any period in the entire year when accommodation prices drop, flights are affordable, and budget visitors can pack and head to Massachusetts on their own terms, then it’s the month of November. Besides going easy on your wallet, this month is worth considering if you wish to avoid the harsh winter conditions, as the weather is more or less still relatively stable. Besides Thanksgiving, key events marking November include  Franklin County Cider Days and the opening of the ice skating rink in Fenway.

It's also worth noting that November is a quieter time in Massachusetts but still offers plenty of attractions to choose from. You can hike a variety of trails, check out live music, explore art exhibits/museums, and get a taste of locally owned and produced delicious food without having to wait in long lines. If you're looking to avoid large crowds while having a wallet-friendly experience November may just be the best time for you to visit Massachusetts.

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