There was lots of golf talk on today's 'Slater & Marjo' show on Thursday morning. Our daily trivia question revealed that a lot of people lie about their golf score. Classic, right? Put me down for a "6" after hitting two off the tee.

Marc Wilkinson of Pittsfield, MA is no cheater. In fact, he plays by the rules so much so that he played his ball as it lied just feet from a cactus during a round on a recent trip to Arizona.

Cactus Attacks Massachusetts Man In Viral Video

Watch closely as Wilkinson snaps his club in half and then walks away with cactus spines attached to his left arm. WARNING: Language

Why you shouldn't mess with the jumping cholla cactus!

No the cactus doesn't really jump, but Wilkinson found out about its wrath the hard way. It snapped his steel shaft club, to boot.


Jumping Cholla

You'll find jumping cholla all over Southern Arizona, especially in the Tucson area, and down into Mexico. They grow in the sandy soil of washes and on hillsides and grasslands, according to the guide.

Instead, they just have super sharp spines with a lot of barbs that easily detach from the parent plant and onto the nearby victim or passersby...

The video as of this writing as received over 35,000 likes and over 1800 hilarious comments on Zire...

  • That’s how you know they’ve never been in AZ. You even look at a cholla and one the thorns find a way to you. That’s going to be hours to get those thorns out.
  • That’s Cholla Cactus. Enjoy the rash and chronic pain for the next couple months. Pro tip: Desert plants don’t f--- around. Everything living in the desert is mean.
  • Just move your ball back a few feet, not like any of us are on the PGA tour 😂

Wilkinson will join 'Slater & Marjo' tomorrow or on Monday's show to give us an update on his pain level.

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