We all know by now that drinking and driving is no joke. Some people even think "drunk" can be subjective, but buzzed driving is drunk driving. Alcohol absolutely impairs your ability to operate a vehicle or really anything for that matter.

Drunk driving is still a serious problem in this country despite efforts by law enforcement to curb it. What about passengers though? Can they consume alcohol in a car in Massachusetts?

Foolishly, I thought you could consume alcohol in an RV as a passenger at one point. Something about it being so big, I just thought it was OK.

Fact is, open container laws in Massachusetts prevent anyone from drinking alcohol in a car, even a passenger. This applies to an RV as well if it's in motion.

Surprisingly, in some other New England states such as Rhode Island and Connecticut, passengers CAN consume alcohol in a car. But, here's where it gets confusing for the driver...

In other words, Rhode Island will let you drink as the passenger of the car, but your open container means the driver is breaking the law and can be fined or have their license suspended. -forbes.com

What About A Limousine... We've All Partied In A Limo, Right?


I know I have consumed alcohol as a passenger in a limo, but is it legal?

It is.

There are very few exceptions to Massachusetts's open container law. You are only allowed to possess an open container of alcohol if you are a passenger in: a motor vehicle specifically intended for and actively used for compensated transportation (such as a limo, taxi, or bus). -getjerry.com

Open container laws in Massachusetts, if violated can result in fines from $100 - 500, but if you're found above a BAC of .08, the penalty of course is pretty stiff and rightfully so.

I hope you found this post informative.

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