Easter is just a few days away and many families in Massachusetts are prepping for the upcoming holiday.

According to recent census numbers, almost 45% of Massachusetts residents consider themselves Catholic, so when the religion's holiest of holidays comes around, celebrations are abundant.

As people ramp up to host gatherings of friends and family, folks are stocking up on plenty of supplies to feed friends and families. That means pricey eggs, ham, candy, and of course, some adult beverages. I mean, Jesus did turn water into wine, it's only right folks celebrate accordingly.

Residents in Massachusetts better make sure they have their wine selection prepared because grabbing a few bottles of wine on your way to morning Mass just isn't an option in the Bay State. Massachusetts liquor stores don't sell alcohol before 10 a.m. on Sundays, and that includes Easter Sunday.

If you think 10 a.m. is late, Massachusetts blue laws are used to prevent liquor sales at all on Sundays. In 2010, Massachusetts packies were allowed to start selling at noon, but in 2014 the beverage industry rallied to have the law changed to 10 a.m.


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