Sober is the new sexy. I have been hearing this phrase a lot lately. There seems to be a trend lately among people who had an habitual relationship with drinking, and it's that they're quitting alcohol. Let's face it, although widely accepted, alcohol is a dangerous drug.

Moderate to heavy alcohol consumption is damaging to almost every part of your body. Your brain, heart, stomach, liver, kidneys, esophagus, you name it, alcohol will slowly kill it. But, people drink because the desired effect does work in the meantime.


Through the few "Dry Januarys" I have done, I have discovered that the non-alcoholic beverage industry has come A LONG way since the days of O'Douls. Have you ever tried an Athletic Brewing Company non-alcoholic beer? It's fantastic.

Is There Any Alcohol In A Non-Alcoholic Beer?


Most have 0.5% by volume, some contain absolutely no alcohol.

With That Said, Can You Drink A Non-Alcoholic Beverage And Drive In Massachusetts?

Yes, you can! But, it can't contain more than .5% alcohol by volume.

The label says it "contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume." ... The law then defines an alcoholic beverage as containing more than one-half of 1 percent of alcohol by volume. Nonalcoholic beers are legal to drink while driving as long as the alcohol content is below the level defined by law.

The only thing weird about drinking and driving with an NA, is that it LOOKS like a real beer, so I would expect law enforcement to stop you if an officer sees you. You are legal to do it though.

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