Pittsfielders...how well do you know your city? How many of the following locations can you identify? Some of these spots have been vacant for a long time, some just recently.

There will be a clue with each photo, and the answer key is after the gallery.

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1. HINT: Once a popular Chinese spot on Dalton Avenue

2. HINT: Small bar on Peck's Rd.

3. HINT: Chain sandwich place on Wahconah St.

4. HINT: Kid-friendly sports venue on Dalton Avenue

5. HINT: Restaurant on Peck's Rd.

6. Historic old bar on Dalton Avenue

7. HINT: Liquor store on upper North Street

8. HINT: Grocery store on Dalton Avenue

9. HINT: Bar and grille on Seymour St.

10. HINT: Bar on East St.

1. Debbie Wong's

2. Sportsman's Club

3. Angelina's

4. Ken's Bowl

5. Portsmitt's

6. The Elbow Room

7. K&K Liquors

8. Price Rite

9. Friend's Bar and Grille

10. The Home Plate

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