If the actor in the picture looks somehow vaguely familiar, you might be thinking of the real-life person that the actor is portraying. That real-life person would be music composer Leonard Bernstein, somewhat of a celebrity in his own right back in the day.

All I can say is major kudos to the makeup crew for the upcoming Netflix movie, "Maestro". The actor in the above photo, ladies and gentlemen, is actor Bradley Cooper, believe it or not. And whoever is in charge of that makeup deserves some trophies come award season.

Cooper portrays Leonard Bernstein, the multi-award-winning composer of numerous Broadway shows, plays, and, film and TV scores. Probably best known for composing the score for Broadway's West Side Story, Bernstein won 7 Emmy Awards, 2 Tony Awards, and several Grammy Awards during his lifetime.

Bradley Cooper not only portrays Bernstein in "Maestro", but also directs the film as well. This is Cooper's first directing effort since the very successful "A Star Is Born". The movie is expected sometime in 2023.

Not much else is known about the Netflix film, however, two of the feature's producers are well-known filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorcese. Netflix posted some other photos on Twitter. You can check them out here.

Along with Cooper, "Maestro" costars Carey Mulligan, Matt Bomer, and Jeremy Strong. Cooper, who started out primarily as a comedic actor, has done some impressive dramatic work within the last decade or so. Might have to check this one out.

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