Most of us at one point or another have agreed to meet friends, coworkers or a date, at a bar for some drinks, but what about meeting friends at a 'Pot Cafe' for a joint? Yup, that's apparently becoming a thing.

According to Western Mass News, Massachusetts could be one of the first states where adults could gather and socially use marijuana at what's being called a 'cannabis cafe', basically a bar for weed. These locations could include not only marijuana bars, but regulations could also encompass "mixed-use" locations, picture a restaurant with a 'marijuana section' or a spa that has an area where clients could use legal marijuana.

The CCC, which is the five-member panel set up to regulate the state's marijuana industry, is expected to decide later this month whether to approve draft regulations that would allow for the licensing of social consumption establishments.

The proposed 'cannabis cafe' idea has received strong opposition from Republican Gov. Charlie Baker as well as law enforcement officials who warn of public safety and public health risks if such facilities were to open.



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