Slater and Marjo had a chance to talk to our dear friend Ryan Cowdrey about a very scary situation that happened at his home around 2:15 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Slater: So when did you realize that someone was trying to enter your home?

Ryan: Around 1:30 a.m we heard a car beep and people arguing and one of them walked into the woods and the car left. We watched for a while to see if this person was coming back out of the woods and he didn't. We continued to monitor our motion sensor and there was no activity so we went back to bed.

Slater: So what happened next?

Ryan: Around 2:15 a.m. we saw our outside light turn on and I looked out the window and saw a male walking toward our front door.

Slater: At this point, how nervous were you?

Ryan: Pretty nervous, but I didn't know what he was doing until I heard him try to open our door. After repeated attempts to enter our home, he started kicking and punching the front door screaming "let me in" over and over...Before I came downstairs, I had my wife call 911.

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Slater: Did you say anything to him?

Ryan: No. I thought the best thing to do was to act like no one was home because I did not know what his intentions were. We had our four kids in the house, it was pretty scary. I literally laid down on the floor leaning up against the door in case we has able to get in somehow, all the while setting off our house alarm via my phone.

Slater: How soon did PPD arrive?

Ryan: They were there within six minutes from when my wife called 911. There was no better feeling than when I saw the spotlight from the cruiser hit my house.

Slater: PPD arrested him without incident?

Ryan: They asked me if I knew him and I said "no", then they arrested him and took him away. It was pretty quick.

Slater: Did you learn anything from this?

Ryan: We always lock our doors, and we live in a pretty decent neighborhood, so it goes to show you anything can happen anywhere anytime!

Check out the scary video below.

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