Has anyone else noticed the absurdly bright new LED headlights that the U.S. Postal Service vehicles? I can't find any language that says that there has been a super recent upgrade to the trucks, but there is definitely something going on here.

MA Residents Angered Over Upgrade To USPS Delivery Vehicles


I was on a routine trip home when I came upon a USPS delivery vehicle when I was completely blinded by the headlights that were glaring in my direction. It was so bright, I had to apply my brakes and slow down almost to a complete stop because I could not see.

The very same night, I come home to a post on Facebook and see a mutual friend of mine complaining of the exact same thing.

Who do I contact at USPS to say thank you for the absolutely blinding LED headlights they added to their fleet or delivery vehicles? -Luke Marion On Facebook


This post is certainly not to sling mud at the USPS, but just to drum up some conversation about this. These lights were REDICULOUSLY bright. I understand the safety of Massachusetts' delivery personnel, no matter what the business is, is paramount especially during the bustling holiday season.

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