Eating out seems to be a financial struggle nowadays. It's hard to find inexpensive options to feed the family. The cost of dining out at an affordable price appears to be a thing of the past. But an affordable meal isn't out of reach, it may just require a little research.

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The Fast Food Chain with the Cheapest Burgers Has Nearly 250 Locations in Massachusetts

If you are looking to grab a quick bite or want to have a family night out and are opting for affordable burgers then McDonald's is your best bet according to U.S. News. The site reports that the average price for a McDonald's Big Mac is $3.79, or $15.16 for four. Of course McDonald's has locations throughout Massachusetts (nearly 250) including the bigger areas like Worcester, Springfield, and Boston. Even smaller areas like Adams, Clinton, and Ashfield have McDonald's locations. It's pretty hard not to find a McDonald's in Massachusetts.

What is the Average Cost of a Restaurant Burger and How Does McDonald's Compare? 

$15.16 for a family of four isn't that bad especially when the article notes that the average restaurant burger hit nearly $16 last year which would cost $64 for a family of four which doesn't include tax, fees, and gratuity.

Another Burger Chain in Massachusetts Also Made the List of Affordable Burgers

Another burger chain that U.S. News lists in the article that is an affordable option for a family night out is Burger King. The site noted that the average price for a Whopper is $5.89, or $23.56 for four. Again, Burger King has plenty of locations throughout Massachusetts.

Don't Forget The App and Promo Codes for More Addordable Meals

In addition to the fast food burger meals mentioned in the article, if you are going to dine at either of these places make sure you download their apps as there is a host of meal deals you can take advantage of but many of these deals are via app only. If you don't want to download the apps, you can still get meal discounts via promo codes, email alerts, and promos at the bottom of receipts. Check out more places you can eat on a budget by going here.

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