Times are still tough for many consumers as high prices at many food stores have caused a financial pinch. For example, I have moved from buying name-brand cereals to store-brand versions in recent years. Where a name brand may cost me $5.49 per box, I can get the same cereal in the store brand version for about $3 less. So, while many food items are still costly, doing homework and shopping smart will relieve some stress on your wallet.

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Eggs are Becoming Expensive Again But There are Still Brands Out There That You Can Buy at a Low Price 

Another example of doing your homework and shopping smart is when you are purchasing eggs. Where eggs were at an all-time high in January 2023, they have decreased in price since then and should remain at a lower cost. However, according to The U.S. Sun, a spike in bird flu (avian influenza) has negated that slightly after an outbreak at some poultry facilities in the United States, Japan, and several other countries.

The Second Cheapest Retailer for Purchasing Eggs Has 48 Locations in Massachusetts

There are still a few retail options where you can get a dozen eggs much below the nationwide average ($2.86). While Kroeger leads the way with a 12-count of eggs costing only $2.09 (77 cents below the nationwide average) the second option is Walmart which is selling a dozen eggs of its Great Value brand for $2.48 (and as of this writing even cheaper on the retailer's site) which is 38 cents below the nationwide average.

Kroeger doesn't have any locations in Massachusetts but Walmart sure does including the bigger areas like the cities of Worcester, Springfield, and Brockton (48 locations in total) Target which also has many locations throughout Massachusetts placed third on the list of cheapest retailers to purchase eggs but the cost of eggs at the chain is a bit more expensive at $2.79 per dozen.

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