emind me later button. A button that would be more appropriate for me would be 'leave me alone until the new emojis come out'. Well it's time for me to upgrade that software, because the new emojis have been announced.

According to Emojipedia (yes, apparently that's a thing) the new class of 2019 emojis have arrived. There are 230 new emojis to be released throughout the year with many focused on diversity and inclusivity, including more options for same-sex couples, gender neutral characters, both manual and electric wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and even service and guide dogs.  Of course there are some more lighthearted editions as well, including the addition of a waffle, head of garlic and butter, an otter and a sloth, and a new yawning face.

When you will actually see the new icons, depends on the platform you use them on. Software systems (iOS, Android, Windows), apps (WhatsApp) and web platforms (Twitter, Facebook) will all release their emoji's on different unknown dates, so keep your eyes open for them.

Check out all the new emojis and variations below.


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