Sibarita's Restaurant is home to probably the best food I have ever tasted in my life. That's a massive statement, I understand, but you must try this place for yourself. The food is so good, I can't stop eating there.

Located on East St. in Pittsfield, this Ecuadorian, Chilean, Italian combo style eatery is absolutely amazing. It doesn't look like much from the outside (don't all the best places?), but what's to be tasted inside is fantastic.


I'm gonna walk you through my last meal last week from Chef Ronald.

Chef Ronald


The Ahi Tuna App Special.

This is by far the tastiest ahi tuna appetizer I've had. You'll love it.



I had the roasted duck on special with smashed chick peas and broccoli rabe. My girlfriend, Jacelyn had the veal with spinach; both were to die for.

Beef burgeon pictured below.


This flatbread, Nutella, blueberry thing was absolutely incredible.


Chilean and Italian wines.



We're locals and this is by far the best restaurant in Pittsfield. The exquisite dishes are sophisticated yet simple. A true combination of great taste and fresh, quality ingredients. These platters and their flavors are meticulously thought out. The service is attentive and professional and ambiance nothing too stuffy while also being cute and classy.

-Jonathan K. from Yorktown Heights, NY on Yelp 8/13/23

A great dining experience pre-Tanglewood
Two couple enjoyed great wine, and delicious food, accompanied by friendly and welcoming service. One of our party required gluten free options and was delighted to have house made buccatini, with delicious sauce and gf meatballs. All accompanied by gf breadsticks.

We shared a delicious Salmon Carpaccio, accompanied by warm Cristina, as well as house cured olives, all breat to start our experience

Cacio e Pepe, and putanesca sauce options were both delicious and well prepared and the Lasagna was piping hot and satisfying, especially with the house made fennel sausage as a side

Wines were great value and solid options available made the selection a welcome challenge

Overall, wonderful food, satisfying portions and an attention to detail theoughtbpur visit from the front and back of the house.

When next in area, we will be back!

-Alan C. from Franklin, MA on Yelp 8/6/23.

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