Massachusetts has been experiencing some unseasonable mild weather lately. It's been great for me as I have been able to take my daughter outside without having to bundle her up to the nth degree. Walks, playgrounds, and parks have all been part of the fun for the two of us.

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One activity my daughter loves to do is play in her turtle-shaped sandbox in my backyard. Recently, when she was outdoors playing I noticed a couple of chipmunk holes in my yard. I have always had a couple in the yard over the years and didn't think much of it. However, there is one burrow underneath the deck which is rather big.

According to various internet sources chipmunk burrows typically aren't dangerous. However, they are unsightly and can be damaging to gardens and flower beds. In some cases chipmunk burrows near a foundation or underneath a structure can be a big problem as the burrows can erode dirt and soil that is near or underneath the structure causing shifting and cracking of the structure. The burrow underneath my deck is not close to the foundation, at least not yet.

If you are having chipmunk problems in your yard and around your house there are a few things that can be done to deter these pesky critters including removing bird feeders, cleaning up and pruning bushes, removing wood piles, and using rodent repellent. I better start incorporating some of these tips right away.

No matter where you may live in Massachusetts whether it's Boston, Springfield, Worcester, the Berkshires, and everywhere in between, chances are you'll come across chipmunks at some point. Follow the previously mentioned tips and hopefully, you won't have to worry about any structural damage to your property.

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