Massachusetts has been seeing some mild weather lately and you have probably noticed a variety of wildlife scampering around your neighborhood and yard.

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I recently discovered two chipmunks running around inside my garage. Shame on me for leaving the garage door open. I was able to get them to exit the garage and run off into my yard.

Chipmunks may be cute but they can be pests as they have dug up holes in my backyard over the last couple of years, have run around my garage, and even crawled in and out of my downspouts.

Chipmunks Can Give You The Plague

In addition to being pesty critters chipmunks also carry serious diseases some deadly if not treated. Now, while chipmunks tend to be docile and aren't aggressive toward humans (unless you intrude on their burrows) if you do get a chipmunk bite you could catch the Bubonic Plague. As a matter of fact, you can catch the Bubonic Plague from many wild rodents.

What are the Effects and Symptoms of the Bubonic Plague?

According to the CDC patients develop fever, headache, chills, weakness and one or more swollen, painful lymph nodes (called buboes). This form is usually the result of an infected flea bite. The bacteria multiply in a lymph node near where the bacteria entered the human body. If the patient is not treated with appropriate antibiotics, the bacteria can spread to other parts of the body.

Chipmunks can be found all over Massachusetts including bigger areas like Worcester and Springfield to smaller areas like the Berkshires for example. The best thing to do with chipmunks is to avoid them like the plague.

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