My girlfriend and I are heading out to get our Christmas tree this weekend here in Western Massachusetts and I just was told some tips to ensure they get properly cared for, including sticking them in boiling water.


Fake trees are nice and easy and may not be full of bugs, but there is nothing like that real Christmas tree smell, and sometimes the upkeep may be worth it.

Why Massachusetts Residents Are Sticking Their Christmas Trees in Boiling Water...

What's the deal here? What does the boiling water do for the life of the tree? Is this a myth or does it actually work?

It does work.



Real Christmas trees should last about five weeks if they are watered properly. The hot water loosens the sap, allowing the tree to absorb water.

Best Advice for a Healthy Tree

  • Shop at local farm.
  • Look for a healthy, green tree with the least amount of brown needles.
  • Select a tree displayed in a shady location. Avoid picking from a sunny area.
  • Run a few branches through your hands. The needles should feel pliable and not fall off.
  • Make sure the trunk is cut flat and not on a slant. Slanted cuts will hinder water absorption and affect the tree holder.
Evan Sharboneau

Boil a gallon of water first, then let it sit for a few minutes before watering the tree. Christmas trees drink about a gallon of water every 24 hours. Do not repeat this process, however, just use the hot water initially. Fill with the tree holder with room temperature water after the first watering. Cold water can clog openings with sap causing the tree to die prematurely.

Hot water can release more of that Christmas tree fresh scent as well as a little sugar in the water.

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