After months of operating a truck on loan from the Lenox Fire Department, officials from the City of Pittsfield have announced a replacement truck has been chosen and delivered. Sources close to the fire department (aka Bryan Slater) the new truck will be Engine Seven, and used as a reserve engine. The city made the announced via a post on City Hall's Facebook Page. Their statement reads;

In late March, PFD Training Captain, Neil Myers accompanied Department of  public Services Driver William Rennie to New Hampshire to flatbed the newest addition to the PFD team to Pittsfield.


After reviewing various makes and models, the department learned about the 2002 Seagrave, originally based in Concord, NH, which met the requirements for the department.


The search for a new truck was on after one of the Fire Department’s reserve apparatus could not pass its annual pump test due to mechanical problems in the transfer case back in November 2017. The transfer case is the device that allows a pumper to switch from driving mode into pumping mode.


We’re happy to know that PFD got what it needed.

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