Marijuana has become a booming business in Massachusetts.

In 2016 Massachusetts residents voted to legalize adult use recreational cannabis and it's been a lucrative market since day one. It took about two years the get businesses up and running as the state's first recreational sales took place in late 2018.

In January of this year, according to the Cannabis Control Commission, the governing body of cannabis sales in Massachusetts, the state surpassed the $4 billion mark in gross cannabis sales. There are currently about 400 dispensaries serving Massachusetts customers everything from flower to edibles, oils to seltzers.

While some residents believe the recreational marijuana business has gotten out of hand, revenue continues to roll in as folks roll up. The business has piqued the interest of all kinds of entrepreneurs, including two world-famous comedians who have thrown their hats in the marijuana ring, right here in western Massachusetts.

Famous Comedians Open Western Massachusetts Marijuana Dispensaries

Grammy Award winners and self-proclaimed potheads Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have partnered with ToroVerde, doing business as Happy Feelings, to open three new dispensaries in Greenfield, Whately, and Northampton, Massachusetts.

The legendary comedic duo known as Cheech & Chong appeared at a ribbon cutting in Whately, Massachusetts at Cheech & Chong's Dispensoria, one of the three dispensaries that are designed to "offer the experience of Cheech & Chong’s world" complete with a lounge area, stage, and artwork.

Cheech and Chong Open Three Western Massachusetts Dispensaries



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