Just how fast is too fast? 84 MPH? How about 94 MPH? Generally, I for the most part try to stay within 5 or 6 MPH over the posted speed limit. That seems acceptable to me. However, when the speed limit is posted at 65 MPH and I'm cruising along at say 71 MPH... should any car really be streaking past me in a white-hot flash? Probably not. But how many times have you seen someone do just that? We all probably say the same thing under our breath, or maybe out loud... "there's never a cop around when you need one." Well, that's not actually true. They are around... and catching speeders.

A pair of speedsters nabbed!

According to a post on the Connecticut State Police Facebook page, State Police from the Litchfield barracks recently pulled over a pair of speedy drivers. One of them was caught by radar going 94 MPH. That guy (I'm assuming it was a guy, but of course, I could be wrong) was an amateur apparently. The other guy (again, assuming) was going 109! Yep, that's pretty damn fast. Luckily the troopers were around to catch these guys, as they certainly could have caused a horrible wreck.


Connecticut State Police
Connecticut State Police

(Above: State Police in Litchfield snagged this guy going 109 MPH!)


The Facebook page stated that driving at speeds of 85mph and over is a misdemeanor offense under Connecticut General Statute 14-222 Reckless Driving. And that can most certainly result in arrest.


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Connecticut State Police
Connecticut State Police

(Above: One driver ticked the radar gun up to 94 MPH)


Speeding certainty can result in an arrest...

According to the post, troopers issued a Misdemeanor Summons on the scene for Reckless Driving to both of these speedsters. Most misdemeanors are punishable by a fine, but they can also result in arrest.

It's hard to say what is going through the minds of knuckleheads like these two drivers. I'll steer clear of them... thank you very much.


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