Every wonder what it really takes to be part of the Royal family? I know, I know, we're on day four of headlines about the Royal Wedding, and yes, like you I'm about ready to put this to bed, but just one more quick thing. How's is this American Girl going to stack up in the world of British Royals?

According to E! News, there's a list of 17 things Meghan Markle, the new Dutchess of Sussex, CANNOT do now that she's official. Take a look and see if you'd survive as a member of the Royal Family.

1. No Selfies: Yeaaahhhh, that's going to be tough, but not impossible, unless you're one of those 17 selfie a day people. (Please tell me you're not)  The rule was created to encourage people to make eye contact and make conversation with royals, instead of turning their backs to them (apparently you can't do that) to take a selfie.

2. No Autographs: For some reasonI think I can handle this. For the new Dutchess, from here on out she only signs royal documents and in some rare cases—visitor's books.

3. No Social Media: Not going to happen, kick me out now. I could skip Face Book, but don't take my Instagram!! Meghan Markle isn't even allowed to have her own blog.

4. No Dark Nails: Royal Family members are prohibited from wearing dark and colored nail polish. I LOVE a matte black nail, but given all the perks, I could settle for a blush pink

5. No Traveling Without Mourning Clothes: That's just weird and creepy, but apparently ever since the King George died while then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were in Africa and had to travel back to England in regular clothes, royals are now always required to travel with a set of funeral clothes in order to be respectful.

6. Curtsy Time: The queen expects female family members to curtsy when they enter a room in her presence, even when it's an informal occasion. I haven't curtsied since ballet class. Meghan better get used to the curtsy. If she is at an official event, Meghan must also curtsy to anyone who outranks her title.

7. No Miniskirts: The queen disapproves of hemlines higher than an inch or two above the knee. Boy, this queen sounds like a real party animal.

8. None of that Crossed-Legged Business: Wait, what? Aren't ladies supposed to cross their legs? Apparently there is a  side-by-side move known as "the Duchess Slant". Guess I'll have to work on that.

9. No Wedges: The Queen apparently DESPISES wedge shoes. Clearly she doesn't have to walk far in her heals, or embrace the summer shoe season. Wedges are a girls best friend!

10. Mealtime Is at 8:30: Due to the fact that 8:30 is my bedtime, I guess this is another no. If dining with the queen, royal family members should be prepared to always eat at 8:30 and dinner will be over by 10.

11. No Open Seating: At a Royal Family gathering, Meghan will always be sat next to Prince Harry. Hi, it's 2018, I'll sit where I'd like, thank you.

12. No Room Raiding: Apparently you have to walk into a room in a specific order? What's that all about. Here's the royal order: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camila, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and then most likely, Prince Harry and Markle.

13. Don't Eat Before the Queen or After the Queen: I'm half ok with this one, whenever I would and visit my Grandmother's, we knew you don't touch your fork until she does. However, you're telling me I have to stop eating when a frail old lady does? Safe to say I'd have trouble with this, although maybe it would be good for me...

14. No Sleeping 'Til the Queen Sleeps: If Markle stays at the Queen's house, she's gotta stay up until the Queen falls asleep. Apparently it's considered bad form to call it a night before the monarch. This broad doesn't finish dinner until 10! This is just not going to work out for me.

15. Do Not Pass Go: Monopoly is not allowed. According to Reader's Digest, in 2008, the Leeds Building Society gave the Duke of York the game of Monopoly to which he responded, "We’re not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious." Thank God I've never competed a game of Monopoly in my entire life.

16. No Pinkies Out: I'm so confused, I thought that was the proper way! According to etiquette experts the correct way to drink tea is to use your thumb and index finger to hold the top of the handle, while the middle finger supports the bottom. Soooo, no pinkies?

17. No Shellfish For You: It's an ancient royal tradition to say no to shellfish in order to avoid food poisoning. I guess the modern royal family doesn't always adhere to that rule, but the queen does. THAT'S IT! Take away my black nail polish, take away my wedges, but you WILL NOT take my lobster.

Clearly, I'm just not cut out for royalty.

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