Massachusetts pet owners should be extra careful when leaving their dogs or other pets outside and unattended for any length of time. Coyote activity and sightings are becoming more common in the Bay State as one Cohasset pet owner found out recently.

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The owner's dog was recently outside fending off three coyotes in the backyard (view the video here). Luckily this dog was able to scare off the coyotes but that isn't always going to be the case for Massachusetts pet owners especially if you have a smaller dog or another animal that could be defenseless against a pack of coyotes.

Massachusetts Dogs Have Been Attacked Over the Last Few Months

This incident isn't the only time a Massachusetts dog has had a coyote encounter. There have been reports from local wildlife officials of coyotes attacking unsupervised dogs throughout the Bay State as of late. The wildlife officials noted that coyotes can't distinguish a dog from an intruding coyote, causing the coyote to be more aggressive toward medium- and large-sized dogs.

Coyote Activity Happens Throughout Massachusetts, Not Just in Your Town

Coyotes are active throughout Massachusetts so it doesn't matter if you live in Cohasset, Worcester, Springfield, etc. coyotes could end up in your yard and possibly in a battle with your pets if you are not careful.

What Can Massachusetts Pet Owners Do to Protect Their Pets from Coyotes? 

There are a few things you can do to prevent coyotes from entering your yard including the following:

  • Leashing and Supervising Pets: Don't leave your pets unattended when they go outdoors. Staying close to them will reduce the chances of a dangerous coyote interaction.
  • Remove Food Sources - As is the case with bears, if you have food outside or around your house, coyotes will be roaming around looking for that food. Make sure any grills are clear of food scraps and keep those garbage lids on tight. It's best to store your garbage cans in a shed or a garage where it can be locked up. Removing food scraps from all areas of your yard will decrease the chances of coyotes coming onto your property and starting trouble.
  • Haze Coyotes - You can scare off coyotes if they enter your yard by making loud noises, throwing small items at them, and appearing bigger and scarier than them.

You can learn more about coyotes in Massachusetts by going here.

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