The summer season is a great time to get out and explore new areas. Whether it's a day trip or a multi-day family vacation it's exciting to experience something new. You have the classic family destinations to explore like Disney World, New York City, or Boston but sometimes it's nice to discover those smaller areas, the gems that you don't hear as much about. Sometimes these areas have big charm but don't always get the attention they deserve.

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One of New England's 7 Cutest Small Towns to Visit in 2024 is in Massachusetts

If you want to visit some cute towns that pack a lot of fun and entertainment you may want to include New England on your list of new places to visit. WorldAtlas recently published an article that included a list of the seven cutest small towns to visit in New England this year and one Massachusetts town landed on the list.

WorldAtlas included Concord on the New England towns list. Here's the site's review of the charming Massachusetts town.

The hometown of author Louisa May Alcott and naturalist Henry David Thoreau, Concord is a pretty river town with a rich history that’s reflected in its tree-lined streets and pretty parks. Stroll scenic walking paths at the Minute Man National Historic Park and browse exhibits from the era of the American Revolution as well as artifacts from the Alcott family. Another historic landmark, Walden Pond, is a 136-hectare park which will be familiar to fans of Thoreau’s writings.


The website also states that Concord's downtown area contains arty boutiques, busy dining patios, and eye-catching architecture. For being a small town, Concord certainly delivers on the activity and historical fronts.

Which Other Massachusetts Towns Deserve to be on This List? 

Some other Massachusetts towns that would be worthy of being included on this list include Great Barrington and Shelburne but of course, that's my opinion. You may have some other suggestions that should be included on the list. You can view all the New England towns that made WorldAtlas' list here.

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