The Thomas family of Dalton is crushing winter.

Many (ok, most) of us complain about the snow, but one Dalton family decided the turn the massive snowfall we've seen so far this year into a winter wonderland - literally!

Brooke and Mia Thomas, along with the help of their dad created this incredible snow castle in their front yard. Impressive to say the least.

We talked with the Thomas sister's mother who told us she and her husband wanted to give the girls something fun to do during school vacation last week. She said "Like everyone else, we can’t go on vacation, and wanted to do something as a family; something creative. My husband makes a sculpture for the girls almost every winter, but never anything this big, and he normally makes it for them himself."

This year the girls teamed up with their father and handcrafted this incredible castle which took about 16 hours in total.

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The magnificent sculpture caught the attention of WCVB News 5 in Boston who feature it on their social media page. The station host a sandcastle building contest every year and The Thomas' have them thinking maybe a snow castle contest should be next.

Across Berkshire County, we've seen the highest snow totals in recent memory and we still have another month to go until spring. And let's face it, we all know "winter" stretches into April almost every year.

A huge shoutout to the Thomas family for getting creative and making the most out of school vacation in spite of the pandemic.


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