Listen up, Massachusetts residents! It's officially that time of year when certain animals that have been slumbering or hibernating for a couple of months start waking up...

The Cats Of Istanbul
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...And they're HUNGRY.

That's right. The onset of Spring is a time of renewal for animals and humans. A time to refresh. Reawakening. Many animals are looking to fill their tummies after months of deep slumber.

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Some of those animals that are searching for food do not necessarily pose a threat to humans. However, some DO pose a threat. Black bears would definitely fall into that category. Now don't get me wrong, bears can be cute and cuddly...

BEAR THE TRUTH Protest: A Pop-Up Art Curation Of Teddy Bears For Children And Families In Honor Of #BlackLivesMatter
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LIKE A TEDDY BEAR. Bears can also be quite prestigious...

Award Winners Press Conference - 64th Berlinale International Film Festival
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LIKE THE SILVER AND GOLDEN BEAR TROPHIES AWARDED AT THE BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. But please keep in mind that even though black bears can occasionally be friendly, they can also be quite ferocious and savage...

Bears At Denver Zoo
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ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY'RE HUNGRY. Bears looking to fill their empty stomachs have no problems entering neighborhoods and residential areas looking for food. They will amble right into your yard and go after a birdfeeder or those bags of trash you left sitting unsecured outside...


One of those old wives' tales, when you go camping, was to hang your bags of trash from a high tree branch. Well, guess what?...

Authorities Remove Bear From Tree In Bay Area
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Some black bears don't find climbing trees to be any sort of challenge whatsoever. Experts just want you to be careful and extra vigilant about how (and where) you dispose of your trash.

What Can I Do To Avoid Encountering A Black Bear?

According to a recent item from WWLP/22 News in Springfield, there are a couple of things you can do to decrease your chances of encountering a hungry black bear. For instance:

  1. Remove Bird Feeders: I remember years ago when a black bear swiped our bird feeder so hard that it not only knocked the bird feeder down on the ground but also yanked the pole the feeder was hanging from off the roof of the house!
  2. Properly Secure Trash: Experts recommend that you don't even put your trash out until the morning of your garbage pickup day. Until that day, it's best to keep it in your garage or a properly closed shed.
  3. Livestock/Unsecured Animals: Also, if you have outside animals on your property such as chickens, livestock, or even beehives, you may want to consider properly securing them or even installing an electric fence.

That's just a few tips. For more, visit WWLP's website here. Good luck and be safe!

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