On Friday morning, one lucky listener is going to win $500 in holiday cash thanks to Live 95.9 and Berkshire Money Management.

Submitting your photo for the contest -- which you can still do right here until Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm  -- is just step one. The next step is getting the votes needed to make it to the top-3. That's where you all come in, whether you are in the contest or just enjoying it from the outside.

Here's how it all works: at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, the entry form for the contest will be removed.  All entries to the contest will be at your disposal to scroll through so you can find your favorite pet in their holiday garb. Each entry will have a number and a name -- in addition, the number will be shown a second time on the voting submission form to make it as detailed as possible. The number is probably the most important piece to the puzzle.

Why, you ask? Because there will be pets in the contest who look similar and have the same name. In addition, some pet names were not submitted which makes the number even more important. Below the photo slideshow will be the voting form to cast your vote for your favorite pet in the contest. Only one vote will be accepted per person. If you try to vote a second time, it will alert you that your vote was already tabulated and it will not work.

Voting will continue until the clock strikes 6:00pm on Wednesday. That's when the top-3 will be revealed and posted on the website. Between the period of after 6:00 pm on Wednesday and early Friday morning, the top-3 will go before a random panel of judges who will decide the winner -- who will be revealed during Slater & Marjo in the Morning on Friday. (Voting is from 6 pm Dec. 17 through 6 pm Dec. 18)

Some things to keep in mind:

1. If you are in the contest, once the voting page goes live -- which we will alert you on Facebook and via the Live 95.9 app -- it would be very smart to share the page and let people know what number your pet is to get as many votes as possible. Share it a few times throughout the voting period.

2. Download the Live 95.9 app because we will be sending updates throughout the voting period on where the voting currently sits.

3. If you do not have a pet in the contest, or know someone who does, this will be a fun at-work activity for you and your colleagues. It can even spark a friendly debate. If you don't have a dog, cat, rabbit, or any other animal in the race, it still shouldn't stop you from voting.

You still have a little more time to enter the contest. Once 6:00pm strikes Tuesday, no more submissions will be accepted. Use your best photo because, at this point in the game, it will take quite a bit of time to change it.

Good luck and thank you all for taking part in the Live 95.9 Deck Your Pet contest.

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