Massachusetts saw gas prices reach historic highs in 2022 with prices topping out at over five dollars a gallon. But one Massachusetts gas station caused its customers a lot of money at the pump, and it wasn't the price per gallon.

Recently we saw a Facebook post about a gas station in Lee, Massachusetts whose gas pumps had been filled wrong. Meaning the pump that was supposed to be dispensing diesel gas was really dispensing regular and vice versa. While that has yet to be confirmed, I did discover the same thing had happened at a station in Cape Cod this summer.

Earlier this year a Cape Cod Farms gas station in Dennis, Massachusetts had several upset patrons when their vehicles broke down after filling up there, according to Boston News 25.

In April of this year, a company named Brown Bear Transportation accidentally pumped 300 to 400 gallons of premium gas into the underground diesel tank at the Main Street gas station. The mistake was costly and several vehicles experience breakdowns which required expensive repairs. One company's fleet van broke down on a Monday after a Friday fill-up, and required $3,000 worth of damage. Another customer filled up their new Range Rover Evoque with what they believed was premium on that same Friday, but by Monday the vehicle had stopped working, costing $4,500 to repair.

When the mistake was realized, the transportation company came back emptied, cleaned, and refilled the diesel tank. The gas station was able to track down the credit card customers who purchased the incorrect gas, however cash customers were harder to track down. According to Boston News 25,  All repair coasts were covered by Brown Bear Transportation.

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