There's nothing like living in Massachusetts and we are proud to let people know that we are from the Bay State. We have quite the mix of cultural and historical landmarks in the Baystate including Fenway Park in Boston, the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Tanglewood in Lenox and the list goes on and on.

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Massachusetts just like any state in America does have characteristics that are less desirable depending on where you live. If you choose to live in a metropolitan area/bigger city sure you'll have plenty of fun options to choose from under the bright lights but there's going to be the issue of dirt, grime, and unclean air. Whether it's in the air or trash-related, pollution is something that you just can't avoid when it comes to city living.

Where is the Dirtiest City in Massachusetts?

House Fresh recently analyzed 12.3 million sanitation-related 311 complaints placed over the last 365 days to reveal the dirtiest cities in America. Covering categories related to sanitation issues — such as garbage, waste, and recycling — House Fresh ranked locations based on the number of sanitation-related reports per 100,000 population. It's no surprise that not only is Boston the dirtiest city in Massachusetts it's also the sixth dirtiest city in America.

How Dirty is Boston?

Boston received 10,252 complaints per 100k population according to House Fresh's study. As previously noted, Boston ranks as the sixth dirtiest city in America. Let's see how Massachusetts' biggest city compares to the top five.

  • #5 - Memphis - 17,408
  • #4 - Los Angeles - 21,616
  • #3 - Charlotte - 31,112
  • #2 - Sacramento - 34,186
  • #1 Baltimore - 47,295

You can check out the entire list of cities along with methodology details, the cleanest city zip code, and more dirty statistics by going here.

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