Tom Brady was, understandably, not very happy when a local radio show host called his daughter "an annoying little pissant" following the release of his Facebook show "Tom vs. Time."

Brady appeared on WEEI in Boston, as he normally does, Monday morning before the Patriots made the trip to Minnesota for the Super Bowl. This time, Brady abruptly ended the interview with "Kirk & Callahan" after expressing his disappointment towards the morning show, and their co-host Alex Raimer. Brady addressed the media on Monday night in Minnesota, and although he is still unhappy, he doesn't hope it costs anyone a job.

"I didn't hear too much about it. I didn't get into it much," Brady said to the media on Monday. "I certainly hope the guy is not fired.

"I just know everybody is real protective of their kids. I never stayed away from criticism. I understand that criticism is part of sports. But I certainly don't think that my children or anybody else's children deserve to be in that. And that's what I said."

While the greatest QB of all-time (again, how can you possible argue that?) is preparing to play in his eighth Super Bowl, he is not focused on any of the negative energy that surrounds him during the biggest sporting week of the year. Raimer has been suspended indefinitely since the comment was made. One thing is for certain, Brady's future appearing on WEEI is up in the air.

"I'll obviously evaluate whether I want to come on this show again," Brady said on Monday morning.

""It's very disappointing when you hear that certainly with my daughter or any child. They certainly don't deserve that."

If Tom Brady needs a weekly outlet to replace WEEI, I know of a certain afternoon show that would fit the bill.



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