While some, maybe even most of us feel safe in our homes, there is a part of the population that is at risk while confined to their homes.

We talked with Bershire District Attorney Andrea Harrington about the challenges facing the community right now and what her office and law enforcement are doing to help. She assured residents that Law Enforcement is still working hard to keep citizens safe and while courts might be working traditionally, they are still processing cases electronically.

Harrington noted that domestic violence cases actually increase during natural disasters. Social distancing, loss of income, stability, and child care are additional stressors in households that could potentially lead to increased violence.

Even in this time of social isolation, you are not alone. Help is available. Look out for your neighbors and if you see signs of violence report it. And always call 911 in an emergency.


D.A. Harrington also reminds us that this is the time to act as a community and make sure we are keeping ourselves safe, but also looking out for our neighbors as well.


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